Establishing an eCommerce platform is no easy feat, whether you’re creating an eCommerce brand from scratch or getting your existing brand online. Creating an eCommerce website can be hard, and unlike content-focused websites, developers have to keep quite a few things in mind during the visualization and development phase of the operation. 

But with the right set of tools and expertise, the task can be easier than you realize with WordPress. WordPress provides its users with all the necessary features and the freedom to customize their website how they want, opt-in for their preferred domain hosting platform, and mix and match any number of plugins to get all the functionality they require. 

For a long time, WordPress was being dragged down by having to install multiple plugins to get all the necessary features required to operate a successful eCommerce website, which in turn pushed a lot of potential eCommerce businesses away from the platform. 

But no longer, WordPress has been getting new and more powerful plugins lately that are built to supplement the existing WooCommerce plugin with more functions that can help users build robust and highly functional eCommerce store pages. 

Introducing one such amazing plugin called ShopReady – WooCommerce Shop Builder. The plugin works as a functionality extension plugin that packs multiple plugins’ worth of tools and features into a single package. 

With ShopReady, designers and developers can take matters into their own hands using its modular interface and powerful control scheme. Users can manually enable/disable any widget, module, or component they require. 

ShopReady is a shop builder and WooCommerce customizer that has impressed its WordPress users with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set. Today, we’ll be introducing you to ShopReady and showing you how it can help you build and customize your own online store.

ShopReady WooCommerce Shop Builder -The Ultimate Shop Builder/Customizer

ShopReady WooCommerce Builder

Before the entire of plugins such as the ShopReady WooCommerce Shop Builder, WP users had to install multiple third-party plugins from different companies to supplement the feature they were looking for, but since we have the option to add something like ShopReady, which features all the necessary plugins in a modular, configurable dashboard right on WordPress. 

The whole shop-building experience has become much more streamlined and intuitive. Similar to something like Elementor, the plugin introduces a simple drag-and-drop shop building function using the Elementor Editor screen as a canvas and individual modules as a building block for what will become a fully featured eCommerce storefront. 

The most common complaint about eCommerce website development is the complexity of adding important online store features such as – Add to Cart, Checkout Page, Wishlist, Quick View, Payment Gateway, User Login, User Dashboard, etc. These are quite complex features to integrate into your WordPress website, but luckily ShopReady features purpose-built widgets, modules, and Elementor templates to resolve these difficulties. 

Setup of complex pages such as the Checkout page is as easy as creating a new Elementor template using the ShopReady dashboard and configuring the same using its widget via the Elementor Editor screen. 

Users are also free to use any of the pre-included Elementor templates provided by the ShopReady development team. 

ShopReady is the best option since it allows you to easily create professional-quality, up-to-date websites for e-commerce platforms, which have become the norm in recent years. Which we’ll learn about when we explore the plugin’s feature set and the services it offers.

ShopReady Key Selling Features in Its Marketing

  • Functional cart page
  • Checkout page customizer
  • Multi Checkout form
  • Sticky product cart
  • WooCommerce currency switcher with API support 
  • Powerful plugin dashboard
  • Professionally crafted 8+ Elementor shop demo
  • 105+ widgets
  • 23+ WooCommerce modules
  • Integration with all the popular WordPress form builder plugins 
  • Subscription form templates 
  • Upsell & cross-sell feature
  • Popup modal 
  • Thank you page
  • Product comparison block
  • Single product page templates 
  • Header, Footer & MegaMenu Builder 
  • Customer dashboard with login & registration functionality 
  • WooCommerce wishlist 
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • Elementor template library 
  • Preset design layouts & blocks 
  • Flying cart animation
  • Testimonial & product review widgets 
  • Partial Payment
  • Newsletter Popup
  • The Next Release Will Include More Features….


Checkout Page Customizer: 

Checkout pages are a must-have for any online shopping platform, helping users navigate smoothly to the payment gateway after collecting all the necessary shipping details. A properly planned checkout page and a cart to order confirmation process can go a long way in preventing the unwanted cart abandonment that has been plaguing eCommerce platforms.

With over 40% – 65% of all carts being abandoned on a regular basis, this can be limited by creating a robust, well-thought-out checkout page with custom checkout fields that contain only the essential information required to confirm an order. 

With the ShopReady Check Page page module and widget, users are able to create a fully functional cart page within seconds with just a few clicks and its pre-included Elementor cart template. And not only that, you can alter the appearance of your checkout page with the preset Checkout Page Style options or customize it with its advanced control panel. 

Sticky Product Cart:

WooCommerce Cart page

A sticky product cart is a must-have convenience feature that allows your customers to add products to the cart, and the cart stays with them throughout their shopping spree. When they’re done, they can just click on the sticky cart icon and head right to the checkout or cart page. 

This may not seem like much, but the average consumer loves these small details and user experiences, which save them time and speed up their day-to-day shopping experiences. 

WooCommerce Currency Switcher:

Is your business geared towards global customers? Then you must feature an easy-to-use currency switcher function for your customers, allowing them to switch to their native currency with a simple click. The ShopReady WooCommerce Currency Switcher works by adding the Exchangerate API via its dashboard, which helps users seamlessly switch to their native currency, and the entire website will convert to that currency. 

This will improve your website’s user experience and convenience for your customers. 

Preset Marketplace Themes: 

Although ShopReady provides professionally designed and built importable templates for your convenience, However, these are not mere templates; ShopReady offers its users fully functional marketplace themes with all the necessary features, sections, design elements, pages, etc. that are required to run a successful eCommerce shop.

In terms of design and overall appearance, the eight WooCommerce themes included in the bundle are all distinct from one another. Each of these importable themes is fully responsive and can be customized with all the necessary additional features that are required. 

And on top of that, you can enable additional features using ShopReady WooCommerce widgets, modules, and easy-to-use templates. 

105+ Widgets:

WooCommerce Widgets

The nice thing about utilizing a plugin like ShopReady WooCommerce shop builder is that it gives you access to hundreds of extra helpful widgets that can be used to create both visually striking and functionally robust blocks for your online store.

To provide some examples, the ShopReady extensions include various neat widgets with unique features for use with Elementor and WooCommerce: 

Related Products: 

WooCommerce Related Products

Related products are a common sight in modern eCommerce platforms that showcase related products to customers upon visiting a single product page. The great thing about this handy marketing widget is that you can showcase relevant or similar products to help your customers choose the best option for them. Or you can also promote your top-selling items in this handy block.

The widgets can be static or dynamic with a carousel function, and you can increase/reduce the number of products shown in the related products section. 

Quick Checkout Button: 

The quick checkout button is a useful feature to have for both you and your customers, allowing them to click on a single button that takes them straight to the checkout page for a quick checkout. This is a no-fuss redirect button for a quick purchase for your customers. 

Account Dashboard: 

Account dashboards are a major feature that customers look for on every eCommerce website. The account dashboard features must-have features and pages such as user data, order history, order tracking, download tracking, address and shipping information, and so on.

Creating an account dashboard can be a challenging task, but ShopReady simplifies the process by separating each dashboard function into widgets that can be individually deployed and customized to suit the website’s aesthetics.

Product Filter & Category: 

Similar to the account dashboard, ShopReady utilizes multiple widgets and modules to provide its users with the most comprehensive product filtration system possible on their online store page. 

ShopReady provides modular product filtration widgets such as – product attribute filter, shop price filter, shop rating filter, product category filter, etc. Each can be individually deployed and customized. For example, due to having a modular system, you can have a filtration system for your shop with just a simple product category filter and a product rating filter and not have to include any other filter if you choose to. 

Add to Cart:

ShopReady’s Add to Cart widgets is a breeze to work with; it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the widgets in the product section, and you have a working “add to cart” button. And it doesn’t end there; with this WooCommerce widget’s control panel, you can customize the buttons’ typography, color, margin, padding, background, wrapper link, and so on. 

Thumbnail with Zoom: 

The ShopReady Thumbnail with Zoom widget allows your customers to have a closeup view of your product listing by just hovering over the image. This is great for showcasing products that come with fine engravings and details. The WooCommerce widget is very simple to use: just upload your product image from the WooCommerce Products dashboard, and drop the widget on your product page. Now you can simply select the current product from the control panel, and there you have it as a functional product feature image with zoom upon-hover functionality. 

Form Builder: 

Various types of forms play crucial roles on your business website. To provide the best possible customer service for an online storefront, it must have a contact form of some kind. To boost sales, it should also feature popup forms, subscription newsletters, and so on. For this, ShopReady has incorporated multiple form builder plugins that are seamlessly integrated with its dedicated ShopReady widgets for an optimal customization experience.

All you have to do to create a form in ShopReady is just to create the form structure from the form builder dashboard, whether that is Contact Form 7, WP Forms, Ninja Forms, etc. Now deploy and customize it using the ShopReady Form Builder widgets. 

Pros & Cons

Every major WordPress plugin comes with its own set of perks and drawbacks, positives and negatives. And ShopReady is not an exception to this rule.

Pros of using the WooCommerce Addon Plugin: 

  • Fully customizable shop blocks and layouts
  • 105+ WooCommerce & Elementor page builder widgets
  • 23+ WooCommerce modules
  • Integration with all the popular WordPress form builder plugins 
  • Upsell & cross-sell features
  • Professionally crafted Elementor template library
  • 8+ Fully featured importable marketplace themes 
  • Header, Footer & MegaMenu Builder 
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • Checkout page builder
  • WooCommerce quick view
  • WooCommerce quick checkout
  • Flying cart animation
  • Testimonial & product review widgets 
  • Partial Payment
  • Customer dashboard with login & registration functionality 
  • Thank you page
  • Product comparison block
  • And more, additional features are being added with every major update 

Cons of using the WooCommerce Addon Plugin: 

  • As of yet, there is no exit intent popup 
  • No free trial
  • No popup builder
  • No loop builder

Final Verdict of Using a WooCommerce Addons Plugin

The WooCommerce Addons plugin makes the core Elementor page builder even more useful by adding a library of useful tools to create robust and highly functional eCommerce marketplaces with minimum effort and no coding requirements. 

With all the essential design and layout elements provided by the ShopReady plugin, you can easily make your website look and feel smooth and elegant to your visitors and improve your overall UI/UX experience. 

ShopReady is a great choice if you want to improve the performance of your website, all the while having all the necessary features to create a functional eCommerce storefront with all the required design elements, layouts, pages, and incorporation of additional functions. 

The plugin has been designed and developed with the best WordPress coding standards in mind so that the end user doesn’t have to deal with any problems or conflicts with their WordPress version, themes, or other plugins.

The freedom it provides without having to install additional third-party WooCommerce plugins is unparalleled and outmatched. Users can utilize any of its modular WooCommerce widgets, templates, and modules to create functional eCommerce layouts and pages from scratch or use a preset that does all the heavy lifting for them. 

In the end, we can’t say enough good things about how much this plugin helps us be more productive and creative.

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