Working on a WordPress website development project but don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a WordPress website development professional? Well, it is totally possible for you to create a robust and highly responsive WordPress website yourself by utilizing an all-in-one WordPress website builder and customizer plugin, that aims to help WordPress users improve their website creation process with hundreds of modular tools and features.

ElementsReady elementor addons

Using a WordPress page builder plugin, you’ll be able to create a robust WordPress website from any niche and genre with relative ease, and the best part of all about these types of builder plugins is that it requires zero coding knowledge, due to the plugins being simple and modular drag and drop builders.

One such popular plugin is called the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, which features hundreds of purpose-built widgets. WordPress users can mix and match any number of such widgets to create functional WordPress pages, layouts, forms, structures, etc.

But the core Elementor plugin is not enough for modern websites anymore. The modern Internet of Things industry and IoT infrastructure requires a powerful and robust WordPress website builder solution.

For this, we can take advantage of Elementor addon plugins. Elementor addons are basically productivity booster extension plugins for the core page builder. By using such plugins, you can easily cut your WordPress development site by a big margin, with a ton of additional benefits and modular tools included with such plugins.

Today, we’ll be introducing you to one such amazing WordPress plugin, that has won over the hearts of thousands of WordPress users over the years with its intuitive functionality and feature set.

ElementsReady Elementor Addons – Ultimate Elementor Customization Experience

The ElementsReady is an ultimate Elementor addons solution, that provides impressive industry standard customization and WordPress website building capability. From the ground up, ElementsReady exclusive addons for Elementor were designed and developed to be a productivity booster and extension plugin for the base Elementor plugin.

One of the most significant issues that most WordPress websites run into is the problem of plugin compatibility errors and conflicts. There can be multiple types of such conflicts, some of them are plugins that conflict with the latest version of WordPress, plugins that conflict with the WordPress-installed theme, plugins that conflict with the latest version of WordPress, and so on.

But with ElementsReady’s up-to-date following of WordPress coding standards and its well-thought-out development process, resulting in a highly optimized production outcome.

There are multiple great reasons why ElementsReady is the way to go for creating industry-standard modern websites in any genre and niche, such as – Saas, IoT, app landing pages, business websites, portfolios, digital marketing websites, and so on. Which we’ll discover as we go through the plugin’s feature set and the facilities it provides for its user base.

ElementsReady Key Selling Features in Its Marketing

Mega Menu Builder.
Header Builder.
Footer Builder.
Unlimited Icons & Sets.
Pre-designed Header & Footer Templates.
Unsplash Media Upload ( FREE ).
Free and Premium elements.
800+ Ready Sections.
100+ elementor addons & widgets.
22+ Ready-to-use Elementor Templates ( 2 free templates).
WooCommerce Widgets.
Sticky Section.
Dismissable Section
Shape Divider
Text Stroke
Column Ordering
Column Content Alignment
Widgets Overlay
Widgets Overflow Option
Widgets Ordering.
Widgets Tooltip.
Widgets Effects.
Widgets Transform.
Section Isolation for Indexing
Elementor Template Library.
Blog Builder (Pro)
Column Wrapper Link (Pro)
Custom Column Gap
On-demand Assets Loading.
Easy Digital Download Widgets.
Elementor Gallery Pack. Filterable, Masonry, Grid.
Unlimited Elementor Color & Typography Options.
Cross Browser Compatible.
Fully Responsive.
Expert Support Team.
Built with Elementor.
Fully Customizable Elements.
Widgets & Modules Can Be Enabled / Disabled from the Dashboard.
Lightweight, Reliable, and Easy to Use.
On Request Feature.
The Next Release Will Include More Features….

Mega Menu Builder:

ElementsReady Mega menu Builder

The mega menus are basically the heart of your WordPress header section. It is the expanding navigation menu you get upon hovering or clicking over your header section. The team behind ElementsReady put great emphasis on creating a specialized builder module just for this function. So, WordPress users can create stunning mega menu sections without any hassle or coding requirements.

The development team also provided some shortcuts for creating responsive mega menu sections, such as the ability to utilize mega menu shortcodes and preset mega menu content provided with the ElementsReady Elementor Template Library.

Header Builder:

ElementsReady Header Builder

You can’t have a mega menu without the header section, and for that, you can utilize the ElementsReady Elementor Header Builder module, which is fully kitted out to craft a functional mega menu section without any hassle. The builder comes with all the features and facilities to add or remove content from the section.

You can add your own set of icons and typography if you choose, or you can use the pre-included ones to create your own unique header. And like the other sections, included preset templates for the header sections in the Elementor library.

Footer Builder:

ElementsReady Footer Builder

ElementsReady Elementor Footer Builder is a unique builder that features a clean slate structure where you can use any ElementsReady or Elementor widgets to add the footer content, for example, you can use widgets such as Google Maps, Address Bar, Contact Forms, Social Share Buttons, Info Box, Service Box, etc.

This is a very robust module with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating your WordPress footer section. Although the “clean slate” structure doesn’t apply to the preset footer section that comes with the Elementor footer builder of this essential addon, all the included content of each footer can be customized and replaced.

Unsplash Media Upload:

This is an interesting one, ElementsReady has included an interesting module that allows WordPress users to connect to Unsplash using the user profile API. The modules work by being integrated right into the WordPress media library itself. This is an amazing feature to have for creatives and photographers.

Hundreds of Elementor Widgets:

ElementsReady Elementor Widgets

The best part of using the best Elementor addons plugin is that you’re getting access to hundreds of additional useful widgets that are specifically tailored to crafting unique and functional blocks for your WordPress website.

For example, the ElementsReady Elementor addons come with some interesting Elementor widgets with interesting attributes:

Advanced Accordion: This is a handy accordion widget that lets users create functional drop-down menus with accordion effects that can contain FAQ sections, images, content, video, buttons, crucial information regarding the website, and so on. It even comes with its own set of preset Elementor templates with stunning presentations.

Elementor Template Library

Air Pollution: Air pollution is a concerning subject around the globe, with many information journals and scientific websites broadcasting regular air pollution updates and indexes right on their websites. With this handy Elementor air pollution widget, users are able to easily set up and configure informative air pollution forecast blocks in seconds.

Image Masking:
Image masking no longer has to be a tedious design process that takes a lot of work and the use of multiple different UI/UX programs. With the ElementsReady Image Masking widget, you’re able to create landing pages with enticing masked image design blocks in unique shapes and sizes. You can also load and use custom image masking shapes and effects via its control panel.

Give Campaign:
This is a mighty important widget for non-profit organizations and charities that helps its users easily configure and deploy GiveWP donation campaigns and charity fundraisers. You can also save some time using its preset Elementor donation templates and ElementsReady Live Copy feature, which lets users copy any Elementor block from its official live demo pages and paste them right into their WordPress website, and it will automatically deploy the Elementor block.

Audio Podcast:
Looking to create your own website/webpage for streaming your podcast? The ElementsReady Elementor Audio Podcast plugin can help you with doing just that. You can easily embed audio streams and pre-recorded clips from popular audio podcast services.

Easy Digital Downloads & WooCommerce Widgets:
If you’re looking to build and manage your brand new eCommerce storefront, then ElementsReady Elementor page builder is a truly exceptional option for its seamless compatibility and integration with both Easy Digital Download (EDD) and WooCommerce. As a result, ElementsReady can be used regardless of whether you are selling physical goods or digital goods and services. This is due to its unique built-in widgets that can be used in both scenarios.

Optimization & Stability:

This is a big bonus point for this essential Elementor addon. The plugin is seamlessly integrated with the Elementor core plugin, with no conflicts whatsoever with any version of the plugin. It is also lightweight, so that it doesn’t weigh down your WordPress website. It works without a hitch with any Elementor WordPress theme as well.

Powerful Plugin Controller:

The Elementor extension plugin comes with a modular control scheme where you can enable/disable any widget or module right from one dashboard. It is also the hub where you can insert your API keys for various integrated programs that work with ElementsReady and Elementor.

Customer Support:

Excellent industry standard customer support desk, which has gotten rave reviews from its users. The dedicated ElementsReady support desk team is highly proficient and professional, with fast response times with accurate information and solutions.

Form Builders:

Forms are an important feature to have for any modern website that has to interact with its visitors on a daily basis. The WordPress form integration, helps websites connect with their visitors to provide better customer support, better sales solutions, resolve issues, and more.

For this reason, ElementsReady Elementor Addons have featured widgets for all the popular Elementor WordPress Form Builder plugins, that can help users build their desired forms for their websites. With stunning visual presentations and layouts,

Unlimited Elementor Color & Typography Options:

These are some of the most important tools and features to have for content-heavy websites and blogs. With these features, you can heavily customize how your content appears to your visitors and reader base. Besides using any font and typeface options that meet their requirements, your editorial team can also upload additional Google Fonts.
Pros & Cons

Every major WordPress plugin has its own set of pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. And ElementsReady is no different.

Pros of using the Elementor Addon Plugin:

Fully customizable Elementor elements & structure-building facilities
Flexible Elementor addon controller panel
Responsive and lightweight plugin
100+ Highly functional Elementor widgets
Seamless integration with Elementor, EDD, WooCommerce, & all popular form builder plugins
22+ Ready-to-use Elementor templates ( 2 free templates)
800+ Elementor-ready sections
Blog Builder
Wrapper link tool
On-demand assets loading
Cross-browser compatible
Expert support team
Highly functional modules

Cons of using the Elementor Addon Plugin:

Conditional Elementor header footer (global settings) – this is a missing feature that the ElementsReady team promises a prompt integration
Portfolio grid widget
Video popup support

Final Verdict of Using an Elementor Addons Plugin

The Elementor Addons plugin expands the capabilities of the core Elementor page builder by including a library of creative components. These elements make it simpler to create websites that are visually appealing and that can provide your visitors with a smooth and elegant UI/UX experience.

ElementsReady is a great option to opt-in for if you’re concerned about your website’s performance. The plugin was designed and developed with the best WordPress coding standards in mind so that the end user doesn’t have to face any sort of issues or conflicts with their WordPress version, themes, or plugins.

In addition, the elements library that ElementsReady Addons provides may be completely customized and is easy to administer using a simple yet powerful dashboard. Use the components management option to activate or disable specific elements to speed up and smooth out the loading of your pages.

You’ll also get access to more than one hundred fully configurable preset blocks and Elementor templates with ElementsReady Addons, which will make it easier and faster to design and develop your brand-new WordPress website in no time.

The level of creative freedom afforded by such plugin programs is unparalleled, and the combination of easy implementation makes it a no-brainer pickup for many WordPress creators and developers.

In the end, we can strongly recommend such an effective and efficient plugin to boost productivity and creative endeavors.

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